CityHour is so determined to become the worldwide leader in business networking tools that we decided to open our European headquarters last month. While Europe mobilizes itself to challenge Silicon Valley’s domination, the tiny powerhouse of Luxembourg is simultaneously ramping up efforts to give other European tech hubs a run for their money, making it the perfect locale for CityHour to hit its next milestones.

“At first glance, Luxembourg might not seem an obvious choice for the headquarters of a startup born in Silicon Valley, but when you take everything into consideration, it’s a phenomenal place to be,” says Alex Lubinsky, founder and CEO of TrueBear Corporation, publisher of CityHour. “Luxembourg’s convenient location and multilingual workforce are going to make our growth much more explosive than if we were based in Berlin or London.” For the interim period, CityHour is being hosted by Technoport in Belval.

Selected by MacWorld/iWorld for its 2014 Innovation Showcase, CityHour has also been featured for the past 11 months in the US Apple Store’s “best business networking Apps”.

“CityHour fits in perfectly with the trend towards Peer-to-Peer platforms. It disrupts traditional methods of networking, offering an option to club fees, hunting down people at events, or cold contacting strangers. Instead it empowers the individual. CityHour allows you to search and connect with people relevant to you, on-demand. But the real objective is to then meet up, even for a quick coffee – nothing can replace connecting with someone face-to-face,” reveals Roman Osypenko, co-founder and CMO at CityHour. “On the other hand, our tightly focused searches can also help recruiters fulfil clients’ demands much quicker than scouring LinkedIn.”

CityHour’s primary growth has been in major U.S. business hubs like San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York. “But professionals don’t want to just network on their home turf anymore. The best thing we can do for our users is help them network on a global scale, which is why we chose to open our European headquarters so quickly,” says Lilia Ostapchuk, co-founder and Chief Product Officer.

We are actively looking for European and Middle Eastern ambassadors and success stories. For more information, email us at