Lets_Meet_Now##CityHour an iPhone business networking app that Puts the “pro” in productivity will be for the first time TechCrunch Disrupt Conference floor. The app has one purpose: to be a catalyst for networking face-to-face.

“CityHour is revolutionary therefore it belongs at a TechCrunch Disrupt event”, said Alex Lubinsky, Co-Founder & CEO of CityHour. “We have just finalized our user experience testing and are about to accelerate our marketing strategy. We believe that TechCrunch will confirm the significance of CityHour and will help us scale and grow our business.”

The app is growing virally on a daily basis. Being the perfect app to jumpstart new business efforts, explore career opportunities & create new partnerships, CityHour has already been selected and featured as one of the best ‘Apps for Business Networking’ in the U.S. App Store.

“Unlike LinkedIn, where people try to establish a digital connection without a real objective and purely for the numbers, CityHour encourages meeting with people personally to build and maintain mutually beneficial relationships,”, adds Roman Osypenko, co-founder and CMO at CityHour.

CityHour is very simple to use yet has many advanced features that add to its advantages. Its allows users to search for professionals that share their goals and objectives, but also based on sector, location and calendar availability. In-app features make it easy to find a venue nearby to meet, and quickly communicate last minute updates via its messaging system.

Alex Lubinsky, CEO and a co-founder of CityHour, says that it is a must-have app for every professional. Alex and his fully dedicated team of 10 people believe that CityHour empowers individuals to take their careers into their own hands and not wait for fate to deal them a good card. The Android version is under development, as well as an iOS update that will have an enhanced feature list that further facilitate face-to-face meetings with potential colleagues.

TrueBear Co., an independent developer and publisher of apps for iOS and Android mobile devices founded in January 2013 and headquartered in San Francisco, California, with a regional office in Kiev, Ukraine. The company’s primary product is CityHour – CityHour, a catalyst for networking worldwide by facilitating face-to-face meetings with other professionals based on commonalities, objectives, location, and calendar availability.